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COVID-19:  New guidelines & measures, our organization and precautions – everything you need to know


Physical store closed until further notice, but online orders are still possible

As you’re already aware, since March 16, 2020 we have been facing an extraordinary situation that has forced us to completely (or partially) redesign our organization in order to keep the site open.
However, we had to close the physical store (in Poitiers) for an indefinite period to comply with government regulations.

Our new organization for order preparation & hygiene guidelines

In light of all this, it was obviously necessary to rethink our work organization while ensuring the safety of our order preparation team. :)
To do this, a protocol guaranteeing strict compliance with hygienic guidelines has emerged.

We have the following guidelines among others (list not exhaustive):

  • Systematic hand-washing several times a day
  • Regular and thorough disinfection (morning and noon) of common areas and workstations (knobs, switches, work surfaces, etc. / Printers, keyboards, mice, any object touched, etc.)
  • A distance greater than 1.5m (5ft) between each person at their workstation (and in the company)
  • Regular and repeated distribution of protective actions
  • Hydroalcoholic solution (SHA approved) made available in large quantities and placed at strategic points throughout the premises
  • Dishes are washed only in the dishwasher at high temperature every day
  • Etc.

The order preparation team mobilized voluntarily to work on site under this protocol of strict hygiene and disinfection of the workplace and their equipment. ;)
In addition, they have organized themselves to work every other (or third) day by operating in rotating groups of three to allow packages to leave our site and reach you safely! Regular updates are done with the team to keep up with new developments.

As you can imagine, all these measures designed to put everyone’s health first have an impact on order preparation and delivery time. :D


Our team and our carriers operate by putting their health first. Shipping teams are reduced and now work 2 to 3 days per week, and, as a result, the estimated delivery times given on our site may be extended

Thank you for understanding ! ;)


YES! Packages are sent only via Colissimo home delivery! ;) o/

You placed your order the weekend just before the quarantine started and want to know the status of your order ? Here is the answer:


>> For all orders placed between 9AM Friday, March 13 and 9AM Monday, March 16 with Mondial Relay: we contacted you right away to set the new delivery protocols.

>> For all orders placed with Mondial Relay and currently in transit or received at the relay location: packages are placed in storage at the offices or relay locations until they reopen.
Rest assured, we will not leave you without your order. You will probably need to be patient. ;)


>> For all orders placed with Colissimo - Relais packages currently in transit: packages will be rerouted to your nearest post office. A notice should be sent to you by email (be sure to check your spam folder!).


Pending returns due to Mondial Relay - Point Relais AND Colissimo – Collection Point delivery: are now unavailable.

Numerous relay locations around the world have recently closed until further notice. Naturally, to allow you to benefit from our Return service as soon as the relay locations reopen, we will extend the return period as the situation warrants. ;)

To make a Free Return via Mondial Relay from France or Belgium:
Our free return service is temporarily unavailable until Relais Locations reopen in France and Belgium. So that you can still benefit from our free return service (once it is reestablished and resumes normal operation), we guarantee an extension of the return period.

New process for making a return after the quarantine is over

As soon as we resume Returns and Free Returns for France and Belgium, all you will need to do is send us an e-mail at commandes@toonzshop.com and we will provide you a link to prepare and print your return label.

It’s just that easy! ;)


Over 80% of the team is working remotely

To give you a brief overview of our new organization for the rest of the teams: more than 80% of our workforce has arranged to work from home (telework) in order to ensure the proper function of the site and to answer your questions.
To help everyone organize their work and personal life from home, working hours have also been reduced for the majority of employees (part time) so that this period is easier for everyone and more manageable for families with children. :)

Our colleagues with children under the age of 16 have the benefit of leave for home childcare (as provided since the implementation of the quarantine).

A team that can always be reached: Morgane and Julien are working from home to answer your questions

Don’t panic. Our customer service is always on top of things! Morgane and Julien are there to answer your every question. ;)

- By telephone at +0033(0)549436132 (local call rate) Monday through Friday from 10AM to 1PM (hours changed so that Morgane and Julien can take care of their family) or,

- By email at commandes@toonzshop.com

We recommend you preferably send an email, they will process it as fast as they can! ;)

Thanks on their behalf! :)

COVID-19 FAQ & useful links

You can also stay informed via our dedicated Q&A! :)

Here are a few useful links:
If you would like more information on our carriers’ procedures:

We hope this bit of information has given you a better understanding. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us through the various channels available to you if you have questions.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, think about them.

We’re thinking about you. ♥ ♥ ♥

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